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Generally made of plastic, glass, sometimes metal, swizzle sticks are part of objects which are collected from bars.

Next to bottle openers, ashtrays, glass, swizzle sticks have attracted collectors since their creation.

Ordinarily swizzle sticks bear a brand logo, they are an ideal advertising medium for big companies. Indeed swizzle sticks bear brand or place colours. Whether for alcoholic beverages (whisky, gin, vodka, rum, etc...), soft drinks (cokes, water, fruit juice, syrups, etc...), cigarettes, air or cruise companies, or even places like bars, restaurants, casinos, discos, etc..., well all of them have their own swizzle sticks.Click to enlarge

Designed at first to be used in cocktails, swizzle sticks often end their career in the hands of a collector. It is indeed difficult for him to sip a cocktail without longing to get hold of the colored stick and to add it to his collection, but a courteous request to the waiter is often sufficient to obtain the so coveted device.

Swizzle sticks being very numerous and varied according to the different countries, exchanges remain the best way to increase a collection rapidly. This is why this site has a page showing duplicates. For a clearer view, the collection is classified by themes or per brand. As it is a big collection only part of it has been photographed, that is 4647pictures altogether.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any comment, suggestion, gift or for possible exchanges.

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